Liveaboard Diving in
Palau & the Philippines

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With three room categories, each with their own TV, en-suite bathroom and amenities. We have something to accommodate all types of travellers.

Cruise Itineraries

Discover some of the best and most unique diving that Palau and the Philippines has to offer. From Large pelagcics & stunning reefs to rare critters & blackwater.

Technical Data

Take a look at some quick facts about the features of MV Solitude One and what we offer onboard from Safety to Comfort and Communication.

Relax and Unwind

There's plenty of tranquil spots to relax and spend your surface intervals. There is always a spot onboard to find your own bit of peace and tranquility.

Dining Experience

Meals are served in a buffet style with our masterful chefs serving a variety of different cuisines. We are able to cater to individuals' dietry requirements.

Safety Onboard

Safety is always at the forefront of all our decision making. We take what steps we can to ensure all guests are safe and comfortable at all times.

Explore the far reaches of the sea

Palau and the Philippines both offer some of the best diving in the world.

Palau is iconic for its WW2 wrecks, clear turquoise water, Jellyfish Lake, and being the world’s first Shark Sanctuary. With its numerous cleaning stations and spawning itineraries, its worth the trip to this far away paradise.

The Philippines is highly regarded as one of the best countries in the world for both travel and diving due to the sheer amount of biodiversity that can be found. From the Whale Sharks of Tubbataha, the Thresher Sharks of Malascua, to the incredibly rare Melibe Colemani of Romblon – There’s something for all levels of divers.

Explore the most remote & remarkable locations of Palau & the philippines

Both Palau and the Philippines boast such a vast variety in marine-biosiversity; the diving be breathtaking on whichever cruise you join. 

Whether you’re into your large pelagics such as sharks and manta rays or your super macro and blackwater, we have an itinerary for you!

Or join one of our transition cruises where we cover multiple locations. On some cruises you can even combine it with our new resort, Solitude Acacia Resort,  located Anilao, Philippines!